About  Us
ProRep Marketing is a full service sales agency focused on providing a full spectrum of sales & marketing to our clients. Our
agency consists of  a full time office manager handling all daily logistics and eight full time agents who call on a variety of
customers representing all aspects of the automotive aftermarket. Our team of dedicated professionals will use their extensive
automotive background to bring your specialty products to market quickly and effectively. We recognize that every
manufacturer has an enormous financial stake in the process of bringing their products to market. Don't jeopardize your
business investment......
Insist on the best automotive sales force the northeast has to offer.

Our Past
In the 1960'S when the performance business was still in it's infancy, Bill Henderson started a speed shop. Using his degree in
marketing and business savvy he grew that single store into a franchise of 30 stores fed by a successful wholesale business as
one of the founding members the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA). In 1975 Bill and his good friend Walt Gagne co-
founded ProRep Marketing.  Since ProRep's inception the agency has grown into one of the most highly respected and
successful automotive rep agencies in the Northeast and Canada and is proud to be a two time recipient of the prestigious

About The Principal
Walt Gagne is a 40+ year veteran of the automotive industry. His career started in the high performance business building and
racing drag cars that grew into his own engine building business. With the performance industry rapidly growing, sales captured
his interest and propelled him towards an outside sales position for one of the largest warehouse distributors in the Northeast
before co-founding the agency. His passion for the performance aftermarket along with his dedication to success still remains
strong to this day and under his outstanding leadership ProRep Marketing has garnered numerous sales recognitions and

Primary Office
Walter Gagne
38 River Rd.
Essex, CT 06426
Tele: 860-767-0024
Fax: 860-767-6558

The Team

Walt Gagne................Principal

Ellie Schneider............Office Manager

Brian Henderson

Dudley Williams

Adam Olson

Gary Guarino

Peter Staszko
“Professional People for Professional Results”.